Patrick Millsaps


Patrick Millsaps

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Head of Development and Production

“Patrick Millsaps understood early the benefits for Georgia aggressively pursuing the entertainment industry as an economic development project. The combination of his business, political and legal skills were helpful in making tax credits a reality in Georgia.” Sonny Perdue, Former Governor of Georgia

“Patrick is one of the sharpest guys I’ve met in this business.”  Randy Runkle, SVP Programming, Showtime Productions & Showtime Networks 

“Patrick Millsaps brought his Washington political strategic savvy to the LA entertainment biz and is spinning it in most creative ways.”  T. J. Scott, Television Director (Gotham, Bitten, 12 Monkeys, Longmire, Orphan Black, Black Sails…)

“His work ethic is one that combines strategy, enthusiasm and humor. But the most defining aspect of him is his perspective on the film and television community and business as a whole. He finds the game a challenge and approaches it with a positive attitude.  Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Cocoon, Short Circuit, Three Men and a Baby, Veronica Mars…)

 “Patrick is smart, has great business sense and is a very quick study. He’s also crazy enough to still like movies and TV shows. If that’s not enough, he’s a terrific guy. I’m looking forward to doing plenty of projects with him.”  George Gallo, Screenwriter (Midnight Run, Bad Boys, Wise Guys)

In 2012, after practicing law for over a decade, Patrick Millsaps was tapped to take over and run a struggling presidential campaign.  Through innovative use of social media, YouTube, national television appearances and intuitive understanding of influencing national trends, Millsaps rejuvenated a national campaign and orchestrated some very unlikely primary wins.

After leaving the political world, Patrick’s first endeavor in the entertainment industry was revitalizing the career of a formerly well-known actress.  His unique approach to management led to a first-of-its kind contract for this actress to serve as a contributor on a national news network.  In less than 12 months, he was also able to secure her a very lucrative book deal as well as new roles in film and television. During this same time, he had built a management company representing over 20 clients.

From his experience as an entrepreneur and practicing attorney from Georgia, Patrick realized quickly that there was a wide gap between “Hollywood Hieroglyphics” and the language spoken by potential investors outside the industry.  Intent on structuring more transparent, straight-forward deals, Patrick’s had his first success as an Executive Producer with the film “I’ll See You in My Dreams” starring Blythe Danner and Sam Elliott.  After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this film was purchased and was distributed nationally and returned a strong profit to his investors.

His innovation and work ethic caught the attention of Academy Award Nominated Director Morgan Spurlock who now partners with Millsaps on a film fund that micro-finances smaller independent films.

Patrick has built relationships with some of the most successful filmmakers in the world and has an “inside track” to some of the most promising producing opportunities in the marketplace at any given time.

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